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about playcité


Playcité is an expanding brand, which was created by combining two successful Czech businesses. mmcité, one of the largest producers of design street furniture in Europe and hřiště.cz, a leading Czech manufacturer of playgrounds and sports fields, merged their activities under the brand playcité with the ambition to introduce and promote the European and non-European markets with Czech designs and quality products aimed mainly at children and recreational activities in public spaces.


Playing is one of the basic needs not only of a child and what is more important than playing outside, nowadays under domination of television and virtual social networks. Public playgrounds are places where people of different generations and social groups meet; there are created relationships that are important for every person as well as for the identity of a place. Active exercise rather than passive entertainment, this is a place, which does not offer ready-made solutions, but inspires to create your own ones. Education towards a positive approach to life, openness and cooperation with others, influencing the taste of a child through the quality concept and sophisticated and beautiful detail in connection with the site; that is the ambition of the brand Playcité.


Playcité thinks not only of children, it also tries to provide equipment for the activity of teenagers, adults and seniors. Children experience their fairy tales under chestnut trees, teens try their continuously improving urban mobility, adults leave boring gyms and seniors forget the meaning of passivity. The aim of Playcité is active urban space, anywhere.


Each playground is not just a set of more or less functional features but due to its size it is an important element in the urban environment. The distinctive design that meets all functional and safety criteria also brings an undeniable aesthetic value, high-quality shape also plays an inconsiderable part in the creation of human´s taste and aesthetic perception. The individual play features and also entire sets have to look good as they are, and if necessary put the finishing touches to a certain place by its design, to be subordinate sometimes, dominate at other times. Playful, calming, outstanding or discreet, always with a modern design. Safety and compliance with all standards is an obvious quality of Playcité play features.


We combine the best materials, which are further continuously tested. We draw from two sources, on one hand it is our years of experience, on the other hand it is our permanent effort to upgrade the materials. Only the best ones pass. Function, durability and the price, of course.

We appreciate our cities and that is why we try to make them more active and more beautiful wherever they are.