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Parkour is a non-competitive discipline that aims at perfection and continuity of movement DE in the natural environment. Parkour endeavours after perfect movement, its efficiency, speed and especially safety. Parkour improves not only physical but also mental fitness of users – teaches us to appreciate health, respect the environment, and overcome fear. This is a young, independent sport. Everybody can practise it anytime and anywhere.

Flux – our parkour solution

  • We started from the philosophy of parkour and from the beginning we have worked with a group of active and experienced parkour practitioners
  • We have created a concept to fully meet all training needs and at the same time to offer attractive opportunities for savvy parkour practitioners
  • Flux offers variable system of obstacles, horizontal bars and walls, from which it is possible to build an adequate sports and training ground, according to wishes and needs of future users
  • Materials used truly simulate the actual urban environment; during training the obstacles provide realistic response
  • Includes wall and tube elements that can be combined, wall elements are made of steel bearing structure and sheathing of concrete panels
  • Contains also low treads for ground training of accuracy
  • Thanks to quality materials used it is highly resistant to climate and also common vandalism and it is non-flammable


Wall elements

  • Bearing frame of walls is made of welded steel structure with main bearing props made up of rectangular profiles
  • The sheating is made of pigmented concrete panels; these are anchored to the bearing structure by four or two anchor points of steel pins and targets
  • At joints panels are separated from the steel parts of the structure by rubber absorbers

Tube structure

  • The base is made up of the steel pipes of Ø 48, 3 mm which are jointed together by aluminium fittings 
  • Completed with Ø108 mm thick tubes 
  • Wind bearing props of trapezes are made up of Ø108 pipes with a reduction to Ø 48,3 in the upper part

All joints are made up of stainless steel fasteners


  • Metal structure and pipes are provided with hot-dip galvanizing
  • Targets are made of stainless steel
  • Aluminium fittings without surface treatment


  • Elements are anchored by bolts to the base plates, or the concrete footings of depth of 60 and 80 cm

Certified according to CSN EN 16899 "Equipment for sport and recreation – Equipment for parkour" and British Standard BS 10075: 2013 "Specification for Parkour equipment".