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  • Five stations = large number of exercises = a complex full-body workout
  • Three levels of difficulty = exercise for everyone regardless of age or physical condition
  • Use of your own body weight = getting physical strength, flexibility and balance improvement
  • No mechanical elements = minimal maintenance = ideal for public spaces
  • Comprehensible information board = good methodological guidance of trainees = a personal trainer by your side
  • Simplicity and understandability = everyone can master the exercise
  • Developed in cooperation with a specialist in exercise and functional fitness = guarantee of a good quality exercise

How does Factory work?

The main objective of Factory is stretching and exercising all the muscles of the whole body. Selected exercises and movements are simple and natural. Based on everyday situations when a person uses their body and muscles automatically and spontaneously (squats, press-ups, bends, etc.). To do these exercises you do not need any special tools or equipment. At each station there is an information board with sophisticated graphical instructions including recommended exercises and a number of repetitions. They are divided by difficulty into three categories. 

The bearing props are made up of glued larch prisms 10 x 10 cm fitted with a stainless steel top cover. Metal structures are made up of bent hot-dip galvanized pipes. Horizontal surface parts are made of anti-slip surfaces EPDM. The board with instructions is made of the "dibond" material. Anchoring is made through hot-dip galvanized steel anchors.