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Revitalising Holdudvar Park in Budapest

  |  14. 2. 2020

The park was built in the seventies during the construction of the neighbouring blocks of flats, designed by landscape architect Anikó Andor. It served as not just a recreational space but also a community hub, and in its heyday it played host to vibrant social events thanks to a small pool, a children‘s playground and a stage for theatre shows. The target for the renovation was clear, then – to bring people and life back to the park. The work done by architecture studio Újirány Csoport followed sensitive community planning and meetings with local residents which were attended by Anikó herself too. This cooperative planning yielded the desired results in the form of a playground, a giant slide, a fitness and sports zone (for activities including table tennis, chess and running), as well as the return of the podium with stands for an audience. The theme of outer space was chosen for the children‘s area, which is why an unconventional mode of transport lies in the middle of it – a moon buggy, assembled by the astronauts from playcité. In the playground you will find a range of our existing products, decked out in a cosmic stars motif, but an array of out-of-this-world solutions can also be found here.

Our more beautiful world thinks for everyone, include the very smallest. Just like in Moon Yard.